BANNONS, N.J. — The new owners of the customs house in a quiet corner of a New Jersey town are planning to sell the property, where a woman died in an ambulance, and turn the property over to their daughter for a little more money.

The new owner, Thomas Bowers, plans to sell it for $100,000, the first time the family has sold a building for less than $1 million.

Bowers’ daughter, Trisha, and a couple of their children have been living in the house for years and are hoping to sell at auction later this year, according to documents filed with the New Jersey Land Bank.

The Bowers’ will sell the building at auction next month for about $1.5 million, the documents show.

Bowsers said he is willing to sell for a lower price, but has yet to decide what the proceeds will be.

He said he hopes to use some of the proceeds to pay for a second home for his grandchildren, a two-story house on a quiet cul-de-sac in Barnacles, a community of about 25,000 people.

“I want to be a good neighbor,” he said.

Bowers, whose real name is Thomas E. Bowers Jr., is a real estate agent who lives in a one-story home in the middle of a cul-dale.

In 2011, he bought the home from his father, Thomas E., and his wife, Trish.

The family lived there for six years, and the property was left empty after Thomas Bower died of pancreatic cancer in a New Brunswick hospital.

The building is now used as a trailer park for the Bowers family, with Bowers keeping his children out of the way and not taking their chores.

Bears said he plans to keep the trailer park on the property.

It is a small home with little furniture, a single bed and a few possessions, he said, adding that the trailer is used as his personal vehicle.

Bills spokesman Mark Siegel said he could not provide any details about what would happen to the property after the auction, citing federal rules that require all property sales be privately held.

The Bowsers are also considering selling a building next door in the same neighborhood.

Siegel said that since the Bower family is still active in Barnacle, it is unlikely the family will sell.

But, he added, “I would hope that if you don’t have a good relationship with the family, you don’ want to sell.”

Bowses and his family have been moving on since the death of his father and his late wife in 2014.

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