GOP lawmakers are set to unveil a comprehensive coastal rebuilding plan Tuesday that would help communities in Florida, New York, and New Jersey recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Politico reported.

The plan would provide $2 billion for rebuilding the state’s coastal communities, including communities along the Florida Panhandle and in the Bahamas, according to a letter to House Democrats.

The plan would also help the state recover from a massive wave of hurricanes from 2016, Politico noted.

The GOP-led Legislature has been struggling to come up with a plan to rebuild the states coastal communities in recent months, with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress struggling to agree on a comprehensive plan to fund the rebuilding effort.

The House and Senate have been in gridlock on hurricane relief funding, with Democrats demanding an immediate and robust response from the federal government, while Republicans have repeatedly said they do not want to use disaster funds to help states recover from the storms.

Republicans have been hesitant to provide specific funding for hurricane recovery, saying it is too soon to start discussing how to pay for the rebuilding efforts, Politico said.

The White House has been criticized for its failure to respond to the storm, which has claimed more than 2,000 lives.

The federal government is also providing funding to states, and several states have declared disaster.

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