A bat house is a simple structure with a large open space.

It can be found in many houses around Sydney, including in the inner suburbs, which are often known as “sprawl neighbourhoods”.

There are many variations, but one common theme is a rectangular structure with three or four rooms and often a small attic.

“We call them bat houses because they are made out of bats,” said Andrew Jones, a bat expert at the Australian Museum.

“They are made to resemble bats and are used to keep bats at bay.”

The idea behind bat houses is to keep insects away from the bat house, which is often used for bat trapping.

They are often used in urban areas where the urban environment is more polluted and is more susceptible to insects.

The bats keep the bats at a safe distance from the house.

There are several types of bat houses.

The most common is a bat cage or cage, which houses a bat inside a cage.

A bat cage is a very simple structure, and it’s easy to build and can be bought in a few minutes.

The cage can be made out with a simple piece of plywood, and the bats can be housed in the same enclosure.

Another type of bat house can be a large rectangular structure.

But, bats are not the only animals to inhabit the interior of a bat hut.

A large, ornate, wooden enclosure may be a favourite among bird watchers.

Birds like to be kept away from bats.

And the most popular bat house for bird watcher is a house called a bat barn, where bats can live and breed.

Bird watchers often see bats in the interior as a sign of good behaviour.

Bats are a major pest of birds, and bats are the most abundant animal species in Australia.

In the northern suburbs, the bat houses are used by people for bird watching.

Many people also see bats as a deterrent to other animals, like rats.

This is not the first time Australia has used bat houses for bat traps.

In New South Wales, there are also bat houses around the state, and in the South Australian suburbs, they are often the first places people are to find them.

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