The custom cat house was built in 2011 by an Australian-based family who have worked for the country’s biggest cosmetic surgery company, Lidl.

The custom house was designed to be an intimate and family-friendly environment for the house’s owner, who is a cat lover.

“I have to say I am a cat person, I love cats and I want to be a cat owner and it just made sense for me,” says the owner of the custom cat, who asked not to be named.

The cat’s owner has also been a veterinarian for several years, and had worked with Lidlo on its surgical suites.

The Lidli owner is an experienced cat owner who also has a pet dog, but has chosen to have the cat in her home.

“She likes cats and they like me, so I wanted to give her something she can feel comfortable in and she loves it,” she says.

“We decided that she needed something that was a little more special than just a cat bed, so we started to make a custom house.”

Lidlier is the largest cosmetic surgery provider in the world, but the custom house has been built on a shoestring budget, costing just $2,000 (£1,900).

The custom home is a small, two-bedroom, two bath home that is open to the outdoors.

It’s got a garden area, a large terrace and a lounge area.

The owner of LidL said she was “thrilled” to have a “custom” cat in the house, but didn’t want to give away too much about the interior.

“If I do give away anything about the house and the cat, people will ask, ‘What are you hiding?’ because I don’t want people to see that there is nothing hidden,” she said.

“So I am not going to go into details of what’s inside.”

The custom custom house is made of recycled wood and is finished with a special coating of a natural colour.

It has a large sliding window and a big open-air pool with a spa.

The interior of the house has natural stone, a gold door with a glass front and an open-sided porch.

There is a waterfall that runs down the centre of the property and the back of the home is covered in an artificial waterfall.

There are also a number of different cat-themed items.

“There are a number cat accessories that are on the house which I can’t tell you about, but I can tell you that there are cat-shaped decorations on the door and in the lounge area,” says Lidier.

The furniture in the custom home also has cat-inspired design, including a cat wheel and cat-made wall panels.

“Our cat furniture was inspired by a cat in a cat suit, but you don’t see that much of cat furniture anymore, so it really does come from a cat,” says Lisa, the owner.

The decor of the cat-focused custom house includes cat-related items, including an animal-shaped pillow, cat-toy chair and cat toys.

The home is open for family and friends to visit, and the owner will be giving away items for free.

“This is my chance to share what we do, what we make, and how we treat people who love cats,” says Dr Lisa.

“When you treat someone with love, it’s important to give them something that they can feel safe in, and that they love, too.”

The Lids say they hope to raise $15,000 for a charity called Cat Busters.

Lidliner has not yet decided if it will open a location for more cats in the future.

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