The Australian government has issued an emergency alert for people to book accommodation for the holidays.

Airbnb Australia issued an alert earlier this week advising people to look for listings on the site and to check whether they are available.

The government advises people to check their own booking and check if they are renting on Airbnb.

If a listing is not available and the booking is for a property that is listed on Airbnb, it may be difficult to find a place to stay, with some Airbnb hosts saying that they are willing to let you stay at their home.

The ABC has contacted the company for comment.

Read more about airbnb:The government has not issued a statement about whether or not people can rent out their holiday accommodation, but the Government has said that the use of Airbnb is legal in the country.

Airbus is the biggest travel company in the world with a market share of 15 per cent.

In its latest quarterly financial report released in December, Airbnb said it was experiencing an increase in demand for its properties in Melbourne and Brisbane, and that it was seeing a surge in demand from the Sydney market.

The company said it expected the demand for accommodation to continue for the rest of the year.

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