A mansion with a balcony and a private pool in one corner is a luxury, but the one in the backyard with a view is the ultimate one.

That’s exactly what happened in New York City this week, as the first guests to arrive in a custom home bjdi of one of the world’s top designers at the prestigious designer-consulting firm HOK went for a swim in the pool.

“The backyard is my home and I love the pool,” said a relaxed and sultry Bella, a 31-year-old who asked that we not use her last name.

The pool is an extension of the house, complete with a deck and a spa. “

When you come to the house with this bj, you have this perfect home in front of you, it’s a real family, and it’s really nice.”

The pool is an extension of the house, complete with a deck and a spa.

And the bedrooms are just the first of several new amenities in the new house.

“There are two bedrooms in the first floor, there’s a full bath, a full kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom with a big window,” Bella said.

“It’s very cozy.

The living room has two big doors and a large window that opens to the backyard.

There’s a beautiful view of the water and everything.”

The house’s owners, a New York-based company called HOK, built the house in collaboration with Bella’s boyfriend, a designer named Robert.

He and his wife, Heather, built a new kitchen and built the pool, and Bella had to learn how to operate the plumbing and install the shower.

The home is located in the exclusive Queens neighborhood of Williamsburg, just steps from Williamsburg Bridge, and has been open to the public since January, when the owners moved in.

“My boyfriend and I were looking for a house that was a bit more contemporary and contemporary, but also modern,” said Bella.

“This house is definitely different than any other house I’ve ever owned.

I’ve never been to a house like this before.”

While Bella and Robert both work in fashion, their home is meant to be a more upscale experience.

It has a spa and a fitness center, as well as a large backyard that Bella’s family and friends can enjoy in the evenings.

The pool has been custom-made for the guests to swim in and enjoy.

“You can swim in it and you can get a nice massage and you get to watch the water come up from the ocean,” said Robert, who is also a photographer.

“We’re in the middle of a city, and the ocean is the most amazing thing in the world, so it was important to have a little bit of something different for guests.”

The design is inspired by the art of Italian architects and inspired by nature.

“In the beginning, the whole house was designed to look like a giant ocean,” Bella explained.

“Our whole house is a huge ocean, so the whole design is based on the ocean.”

While the house is in a residential neighborhood, it is also available to rent to other people, including couples and couples-in-love, who can have the backyard view.

“If we’re in a hotel, we can go and rent the house and have dinner,” Robert said.

It’s a dream come true for the Bella family.

“To see it in its entirety, it feels like heaven,” Robert told Newsweek.

“And I really hope they can do it in the future.”

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