The story of a New Yorker who bought a house in the Bronx that he never paid his mortgage on is emblematic of the challenges that many homeowners face when they’re looking to sell their homes.

The story of the Bronx home the two New Yorkers bought in 2005 became a national story in 2012 when a man named Mark Zingano sold it for $4.5 million.

Zingano is now suing the city for foreclosure.

A lawsuit filed in federal court in New York City says the man, who was born in the U.S., has no valid title and has been evicted from the Bronx house since his eviction notice was filed in 2010.

The lawsuit claims that Zinga has “lost the ability to control his property because of the neglect of the city.”

The New Yorker, a retired lawyer, said he bought the house in 2005 because he wanted to make a statement about the housing crisis in the city.

The home he bought was one of several in the neighborhood that he had bought in the 1970s.

Zingano said he moved out on Jan. 3, 2010, after he found out about the city’s new foreclosure laws.

The city had just passed legislation requiring new homeowners to get a mortgage or foreclosure protection from the city, meaning Zinganyo could no longer afford to live in the house.

“It was just such a bad decision for me,” Zingana said.

“I was so angry.

I had to find a new home.

It’s not fair.”

Zinganyi has been unemployed for nearly three years and he and his wife, Julie, have been living on a limited income.

They bought the home in 2004 and paid $1,000 in cash for it in 2005, which he later used to pay off the mortgage.

The couple paid $2,000 for the property and are still paying off the loan.

The suit alleges that Zhinganyi was evicted because of his failure to make payments on his mortgage and that the city “did not consider that Mr. Ztingano’s failure to pay his mortgage was a legitimate reason for the city to revoke his title to the property.”

In his lawsuit, Zingani said the city failed to consider that he was renting out the property in a way that would allow him to afford to maintain the home and that his failure “created a substantial risk that the owner of the property would be able to resell the property to another buyer, without the owner having to pay any rent.”

The city is expected to respond to Zingania’s suit in the coming days.

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