Custom house builder Galvestons custom house built by the Houston-based custom house builder is now up for sale.

The home, dubbed the ‘Galveston House’ by the owner, is the third of its kind in Texas, joining two other houses in GalvestON.

The custom house was built in 2018 to fit the house style that the owner likes to build.

The second house was also built for the same house style, and now has a house in a different area of the state.

The house, with a basement and an open floor plan, was constructed by Houston-area designer Kevin Dolan and is priced at $1.75 million.

The price tag of the custom house is $1,200,000.

It’s a lot of money for an ‘out of this world’ custom house, but for the first time, the owner says it’s going to make a lot more sense for the community.

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told Ars that he’s had to pay $2 million in renovations since he started the project, which he says is a good deal.

The project, he says, started out with the idea of making the house a little bit larger.

He says it was originally meant to be a two-story house, and he wanted to try and find a way to make it a two story house.

He then began to look at other designs, which eventually led him to his current design, which is an out of this worlds custom house.

In addition to the ‘galveston house,’ the house also includes an office, gym, and other amenities.

It has a roof deck, two bedrooms, two baths, a deck, and an attached garage.

The garage features a full length sliding glass door that opens into a spacious walk-in closet that can accommodate up to two people.

The front porch has an open plan kitchen that can be accessed by sliding doors that open to the front porch.

A large deck and a second outdoor deck allow for extra space for landscaping.

The roof deck is made of wood with a custom built top that allows for the use of a sliding roof decking system.

The main deck is also made of reclaimed wood with the addition of a custom wood trim on the lower part.

The two bedrooms have an open top that can support two people in a fully enclosed living area.

The living area is designed to fit three people and two children.

The master bedroom and bathroom have double-bedrooms with the sliding door open, making the area large enough to accommodate up the three people.

There is also a full kitchen area with a full-length oven, a full refrigerator, a microwave, and a full freezer.

The outdoor deck and the garage area are separated by a large patio.

The exterior of the house includes a new exterior deck, new exterior porch, and exterior deck decking.

The interior of the home includes a large, open-plan kitchen, a new kitchenette, and storage.

The ‘galuston house’ features a sliding door to the garage and a new, open door on the master bedroom door to allow for storage.

The ‘galeston house’, built by Kevin Dolas custom house in 2018, is now on the market.

The listing for the ‘coastal house’ says the ‘house is fully customized for your needs and will exceed your expectations.’

[The listing is for the custom-built house] [Click to enlarge image] [The custom house] The listing does not state a starting price.

Dolan told Ars he has been looking for a home for about five years, and has had to work a little harder to find one.

He’s been working on his project for about three years now, he said.

He had hoped to get the house built before the end of 2018, but was delayed.

He said that the house has taken about two and a half years to build, but that the final cost has ballooned to about $1 million.

He hopes to sell the house within three to five years.

Dolas said he started out looking for homes in the Houston area, but has since expanded to Galvestona, Texas, as well as New Orleans and Atlanta.

He has also built a custom home in San Antonio, Texas.

“I really love Houston and I’ve been trying to build one for about a year now, and I’m finally starting to get that project off the ground,” he said in a video interview.

He also told Ars the ‘new home’ has been very successful.

“This is going to be the most popular and most recognized custom house I’ve built,” he says.

“People will be talking about this and people will be telling stories of how they built this house.

That’s a very good sign.”

Dolan’s custom house has become one of the hottest properties in Houston and is the fourth house he has built in Houston.

Other Houston custom houses include a custom house called the ‘Bumblebee’, a

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