A $3,500 painting from the House of Representatives, a collection of old photographs and photos of members of the House, is going up for sale.

The painting is a copy of the painting from Congress, which depicts a man standing in front of a picture of a gun in the House chamber.

It was originally sold by a member of Congress to a friend in 2003 for $1,000.

The painting is the third time the House painting has been up for bidding.

It was a personal painting by House Majority Whip David Price that was used by Price to give speeches and was purchased by a supporter in 2013 for $250,000, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

The House painted a picture on the painting depicting Price’s wife, Kathleen, and her children, as well as a picture depicting Price himself as a man holding a gun.

The House used Price’s photo to show the Congressional Gold Medal.

In 2017, the House painted the House Speaker’s portrait with a different image.

In the new painting, Price is standing in the middle of the Capitol, holding a revolver.

Price has not had a painting up for a bidding since he retired from Congress in 2011.

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