Kerala’s first house builder, Pravin Khatri, has created a unique experience in the city, selling his own home in the centre of town.

The house is located at the entrance of a village, where a group of men have built a wall around a room, in an attempt to block the entrance to the village.

Pravin said that he had started building houses in Kerala after his mother-in-law died and the house he was building was not ready for him.

He said he built the house in the name of his mother, so that he could live with her after her death.

Peshan Khatry, owner of the building firm that built the home, said he had always been aware that the house should be the property of the family and that the building of a house is a family matter.

“We are doing our best to provide an experience to the public and I am not trying to make money here,” he said.

“I am trying to save the family’s legacy.”

A local journalist said the house had a good quality of living.

“There is no room for the guests in the house and it is quite large, so there is no space for children and they do not have room for anything in the living room,” he told The Times Of India.

Pavithra Rajendran, the owner of a local housebuilder, told The Hindu that the builder wanted to create a home that would be appreciated by everyone.

“There are some people who are buying houses to live in and I would like to make a house that is affordable and will satisfy everyone’s needs,” he added.

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