The custom house illustration project was born when the White House commissioned a design from a local artist.

The idea for the illustration came from a visit with a member of the family to see a house they owned, and the artist took the opportunity to take the concept further.

A couple of weeks later, the White Houses art director, David Zwick, and his team got together and decided to build a house on the site.

The house was a mixture of contemporary architecture, classic white, and contemporary white wood, with the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathrooms in a traditional, traditional style.

The entire project took two months to complete.

 David Zwick (left) and his family had a visit to see their house.

The project took them two months.

(Photo by Dan DeCarlo)  The White House is proud to announce that the home that will be built in its honor will be located on the grounds of the National Gallery of Art, which opened in 1921.

The interior of the house will feature original American designs, from the fireplace to the glass doors.

The centerpiece of the interior will be the White Room, a large, open, and spacious space where guests can sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the White River and the Grand Canyon.

The White Room was designed by architect Peter C. O’Donnell, whose designs include many of the buildings that house the National Mall.

(Via The White House) The interior of The White Room.

(Courtesy of The Smithsonian Institution) In addition to the White room, The White Hall will house a variety of other special projects.

The most notable of which will be an indoor pool and indoor volleyball court.

In January, the House of Representatives approved a $150 million gift to fund the construction of the new White House.

We’re excited to announce our next project: the White house, a fully commissioned and built-from-scratch illustration project for the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

We’ll be unveiling the new house in June and we’ll be bringing you updates throughout the month on the progress.

Here’s hoping that this will be just the start of a new chapter in the Whitehouse’s history, and that it can become a permanent home for the American people.

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