Custom house bar has been the most popular wedding venue in the town of Austin, according to a new report.

The bride-to-be will not only have a party, but will also have her own bar and dance floor to dance to her favorite tunes.

Customs House bar has had more than 40 weddings and over 10,000 guests, according the Austin American-Statesman.

It’s one of the most famous venues in town, and its popularity has led to many weddings being moved to other venues, including the new Westin Austin Hotel and the hotel-turned-beverage company Barstool Sports Bar and Grill.

The new Austin American statesman report has a full listing of all of the wedding venues in Austin.

Some of the venues in the report include the new Eastin Austin, the new YMCA, the Austin Art Museum, the YMCE, the UTSA Alumni Club, the AT&T Center, and the new UTSA Marriott.

Here’s what the Austin venues look like:Austin International AirportThe new Alumni Center at the UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“We’re looking forward to having guests from all over the world come to Austin for weddings and other events,” said Michael Czajkowski, vice president of marketing at the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“Customs house bar is a popular destination for our guests to celebrate their special day, and we look forward to seeing all of our guests at this popular venue.”

Czajksi added that Austin is the best place to celebrate the special day with your guests.

Bachelor PartiesAustin is known for its bachelor parties.

It’s one the few places that offer a variety of options for couples to have fun, including live music and food.

A few of the events that can be scheduled for the wedding include live music from Austin band the Stiff Little Fingers, a comedy show from The Comedy Central Studio, a dance party from Austin hip-hop group Black Girls, and a private event for up to 10 guests.

The wedding venue also has its own dance floor, which can be used for events such as the Bachelorette Party, the Greeting at Home event, and wedding cake baking.

Austin is home to many of the best hotels, according Austin American Statesman.

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