US Customs & Border Protection is rejecting the President’s travel ban and wants the federal government to continue to operate in an orderly fashion, an agency spokesperson said Tuesday.

The agency has made its position clear that it does not support the President and his travel ban, which has already been blocked by federal courts.

The Trump administration says the executive order, signed by Trump on Feb. 6, suspends refugee resettlement for 120 days and prohibits Syrian refugees indefinitely from entering the US.

But the White House has argued that the ban is needed to protect Americans from terrorism and other threats.

“We do not support President Trump’s decision to impose a temporary travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries,” said agency spokesperson Heather Swift.

“The CBP does not believe it is necessary to re-establish a travel ban that would create any additional problems or uncertainty.”

“This is the first time the CBP has publicly stated its position on the President Trump travel order,” Swift continued.

“We look forward to working with Congress and other agencies to ensure that all Americans have access to the protections afforded under the law and in this case, the Constitution.”

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