Canada’s foreign ministry has issued a stern warning to travellers in Canada, saying they’re “extremely dangerous” and could put lives at risk.

The warning came in the wake of a dramatic day on Saturday when a Canadian woman was pulled from a moving car and dragged into a customs house.

Police were called to the Customs and Border Protection agency after a man in the car jumped out and assaulted a woman at the border.

The woman, who suffered minor injuries, was taken to hospital in Ottawa and is expected to recover.

The incident happened at around 9:00 a.m. at a border crossing near the town of Laval, near the Montreal border.

Police say the man, who was believed to be in his 60s, jumped out of a moving vehicle and began assaulting a woman.

He was arrested by the RCMP and taken to a local hospital.

Police are now warning travellers in the country to “be extremely careful when crossing into Canada” and that they could face arrest.

“The threat posed by this individual is extremely dangerous, and in some cases, life-threatening,” a spokesperson for the ministry said in a statement.

The spokesperson also warned travellers against trying to get into the country by taxi.

The ministry said it is also taking additional steps to improve the security of the border crossing, including training for police officers.

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