phukett customs house is one of the few Thai cities that you don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy.

There are many different restaurants, and there are even Thai-style dishes in a Thai restaurant called the Phuket chicken house.

It’s worth the trek to find it, though, because it’s really worth it.

There’s a large market inside the house, where you can buy many different dishes, and it’s also the most popular place for eating in the city.

But the best thing about the Phutet chickenhouse is that it’s open for dinner only.

“We make a lot of good chicken dishes, but we don’t want to over-do it.

We try to go back to our roots, to the roots of Phukets food.

We make good phukotos and good chicken, but they’re not all the same.

They’re all Thai, so there are a lot more dishes to try out,” said the owner of the Phuksen Chicken House, Ankit Bui.

When you first arrive at the Phuyet Chicken House (pronounced “puh-keet”), you’ll be greeted by a staff member.

You will then be given a menu to choose from, which will contain various types of food, including phukot, phukat, and phuho, or “poultry soup.”

“For phukoto, the chicken is very tender, with a crispy exterior, but the flavor comes from the broth and the juices inside.

We serve phukote chicken, chicken broth, and also rice noodle, which are really good, but also a lot cheaper than other chicken dishes.

The rice noodles are also very delicious,” said Bui, who also runs the Thai-inspired restaurant Thuk Phuk-Thai, which specializes in phukota.

The owner of Phuyets Chicken House is Ankit Maung-tak, who says it’s been an honor to be in the restaurant business for more than 25 years.

Ankit Moung-Tak has been in the chicken business for almost 25 years and is also the chef at ThukPhuk-Tai, the Phuh-Taks best-known restaurant.

Maung is also an avid cyclist, and he loves biking to his favorite restaurants, especially Phuyett.

Phuyett has been the most visited Thai destination since the 1970s, with people visiting to experience Phukat in its entirety.

And Phuyetts popularity continues to rise with tourists visiting during the holidays, which make Phukatt’s popularity even stronger.

The number of tourists visiting Phuyeton is increasing year by year, and now the restaurant is the most frequented restaurant in the entire country.

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