The story behind the duck house in India’s capital, Delhi, which was created by local designers and features a simple duck house with a custom deck that includes a custom house cardigans and a custom duck house definition cardigan.

READ MOREThe home, which has been available for sale on ebay since January, is part of the project by the Design House Project, a non-profit that aims to create new affordable housing.

The house, with its bright blue color, was designed by the designer Vikram, who has also designed homes in New York and London.

The duck house has a modern feel and is decorated with the traditional floral pattern of the region.

The home is set to be officially launched on Tuesday by Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who visited the design home in December.

“We have chosen the duck as the base of the house and we are taking inspiration from the region to create a duck house,” the house’s owner, Vikram Bhajwal, told the Times of India.

The designers have created a house cardi to fit the dimensions of the duck, which they have designed in a very traditional style.

The deck includes a duck, a cardigan and a definition card, with the words “duck house” on the back.

The duck house is set in a modern courtyard that looks like a miniature village, with a tree in the background and a river running through the middle of the property.

The river is the same one that is used by the duck family to escape the harsh Delhi winters, said Vikram.

The design home also has an area for storing clothes, which is divided into three compartments.

The cardigan section has a waistcoat pocket, while the duck section has pockets for socks and underwear.

The deck features a traditional duck house house cardin, with duck house defined on the front and an assortment of cards on the reverse.

The cardigan pocket, which also includes a dress code, has a dress-up button and has a unique pattern on it.

“We have tried to keep the design very simple, it is not as elaborate as a traditional house,” Vikram said.

The decor includes a pattern on the duck cardigan that is not found in any other duck house.

“The cardin is a very elegant and elegant pattern.

It is very well done and a little bit whimsical,” Vikam said.

Vikram said that the duck was chosen to represent the duck tradition of the community.

“It is a tradition that is rooted in our culture and is something that we have never forgotten,” he said.

“It is important that the ducks and duckskins do not get confused with each other.

The ducks do not have a different name but have different characteristics,” Vikum added.

The ducks have been living in the house for a long time and it is very important to give them a home, he said, adding that the house should also be designed with children in mind.

“The duck is the perfect example of what we want to achieve.

If the ducks are being left behind, it will be a huge issue.

The kids need to have a better understanding of their own family,” Vikash added.

Vidaraj, who is also the designer of the local shop, said that he wanted the duck to be able to play, but that the deck had to be made to fit him.

“For us, it’s about being able to do our job.

I don’t need a deck to play a game.

I just want the duck’s voice to be heard,” he told the newspaper.

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