A custom farmhouse with a barn and a backyard that has been given a coat of paint by a local artist and now sits at the top of the house for sale.

It’s a fitting home for the owner of the one-room custom house on the corner of E. Madison and Main Sts.

in Rockhampton where she has lived for five years.

She had been trying to sell the house, which has a basement and a barn on the second floor, since it was purchased in 2013.

The owners have been renting it out to locals for the past five years, and it has been the site of at least one fight, but it is not the only place she has a passion for.

This week, a new buyer and the owner’s daughter bought the property for $1.2 million.

“We love it so much,” said the house’s new owner, a woman in her 60s who asked to be identified only as Jody.

In fact, she said she has been wanting to buy the house ever since she heard about the property through a Facebook post from a friend.

Jody said the two girls from her previous home bought the house at the same time and she was looking to move in with them.

After hearing about the home, she was able to secure the best deal possible, she told The Washington P-I.

That means a $2.3 million down payment, but the price of the property also includes the painting, interior design and exterior design.

Her current home, which she calls the “best home I’ve ever owned,” is priced at $2 million, according to the listing.

All in all, it’s a $1 million price tag.

Jody is now asking for $3.2 to $4 million.

That means the $2 and $3 million would be covered by the seller and the family, she added.

But if the sale falls through, Jody is still working on the next steps.

If the sale goes through, she will be looking for a new place to live and her daughter and granddaughter will likely be moved into the new house, she explained.

For now, the house is still hers and she will have the right to keep it as long as she wants.

I’m just trying to keep the house as nice as possible and not take it over,” she said.

Once her house is complete, she wants to give it to the girl from her first home who lived there and move in.

A new place for her and her family to call home.

You can read more about this story here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/post/local-government-and-community/custom-house-for-2,20588919-story.html#storylink=cpy

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