I can’t remember if I was really born in the United States or not, but I remember my family visiting my grandparents in the early 1980s.

They were from New Jersey and they were all very tall, dark-haired, and they had a big moustache.

They had a little garden on the porch with a bunch of flowers on it.

I was always watching them and it made me realize how important it was to live in the US. 

My grandmother was very much in touch with American culture and my family moved to San Francisco from New York, so my grandparents moved to the US to live with me. 

I was born in 1980 and my mother was a single mother.

My father was a professional artist and my stepmother was an actress and model.

My mom was the one who brought me into the world, but my stepfather had a lot of money. 

When I was growing up, I was surrounded by family, friends, and people who shared my passion for art.

I grew up reading all the books that my parents owned. 

We loved playing with dolls, and I used to buy and play with them all the time. 

In high school, I wanted to be a ballet dancer, and my best friend wanted to join me in that dream.

She wanted to move to Los Angeles, and she went to New York to go to school. 

As soon as I got here, I became a dancer. 

It was very tough for me to get a job because there were so many dancers here, but at the same time, I knew that my dance skills were very good and that I would be good at it. 

By the time I was in college, I had a boyfriend and we started dating. 

At that time, the art world was booming. 

Everyone was working on a huge number of different things and it was becoming a little bit more popular. 

The first thing I did was I was looking for a modeling job. 

What was so hard for me was that it was in a modeling agency.

I knew the model agency wasn’t really going to pay me very well, so I wanted a way to get into the industry that I wanted. 

Then I started working with my boyfriend in the modeling agency, and he taught me how to model and I became really good at that. 

And it was so exciting, because I had my boyfriend, but the only thing I was allowed to do was to work with other models. 

After that, I started dating a few other models, and we ended up getting engaged and starting our family. 

This is how I remember it, because at that time I didn’t really have any money, and then we were just very happy. 

One day, when I was 20, I met my boyfriend and he was working in New York and he asked me if I would like to join him. 

“What do you want to do?”

I asked him.

“I would like a modeling career.” 

I said, “OK.” 

He asked me, “What’s your dream?” 

“I’m going to be an actor.” 


I said, “And what do you like about acting?” 

He said, [trying to sound like he was excited] “I like to do films. 

I like to travel. 

There are so many things I want to be able to do. 

[sounds excited again] I think that’s why I ended up in the acting business.” 

That’s how it was for a while, and that’s how I knew I was good at acting. 

Later on, I would go on to be in movies like Black Swan, Blackhat, and The Wolf of Wall Street. 

From there, I continued to work on movies, but eventually I started doing commercials and TV shows. 

Now, the next time I see my father, I remember how much I loved being a part of his family.

We were living in the Bay Area for three years, so it was a big deal for me, but he loved me and loved the work I did, so that was how it felt to be his daughter. 

His first child was a girl, and when my son was born, he wanted to see me and he wanted me to be the father of his firstborn. 

So I had to go back to work for him, and it ended up being a huge blessing because I would get to be very involved in his life. 

He was very protective of my career, so he was very supportive. 

But he didn’t know that I was going to take the role of a mother. 

A couple of months later, he told me that he was going back to New Jersey. 

That was it.

The only thing he was worried about was the money.

He was going with me to New Zealand and Australia, where I would spend some time and then come back.

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