I am a real tree house builder.

I have been building for a couple of years now.

And in my opinion, custom treehouses are the best way to build a home.

Here’s why.

There are many advantages to using a wooden floor instead of a solid one like in a traditional wooden structure.

Wooden floor allows you to maintain the structure and is the most cost effective way to make sure that it stays as clean as possible.

There is a lot more room to move around the house without worrying about the structural integrity.

I am also a huge fan of the wooden deck.

The deck is built from a layer of wood, which gives the house a more robust and durable appearance.

Wooden decks also keep the floor from being damaged in the event of an earthquake.

When I started building this home, I wanted a wood deck to complement my traditional wooden house.

It was not until I built a wooden structure with a floor that I realised that it would work really well as a custom wood deck.

A wooden deck is a great way to preserve and beautify a home, and is one of the most affordable options for a home builder.

Here are some tips for building a custom wooden deck: Make sure you choose the right wood You need to make your own wooden deck, so that it has the right thickness.

If you have a large deck, you will need to build one with a smaller size.

A good rule of thumb is to make the deck at least 1/4″ (2mm) thick, and it should be at least 10″ (30cm) long.

This is a good size for most homes.

This helps the wood not warp and crack under stress.

Also, it helps to maintain its structural integrity, since it does not absorb any of the stresses that a wooden frame can.

A great rule of the thumb is that a deck should have at least 2 inches (5cm) of board on each side, and be at most 8 feet (2.5m) long by 4 feet (1.5 m) wide.

Make sure that the deck is level The deck should be level with the floor, and not too far from the ground.

Make it look as if it is floating A good wooden deck will look like it is on a floatation platform.

This way, the deck will be floating at least 6 inches (15cm) above the ground, and the deck should not be too high.

Make your own foam floor A wooden floor is not cheap, and you need to consider how much foam you need for the deck.

Most of the time, you can find wood for $5 a square foot for a wooden table, or $50 a square yard for a foam deck.

Make a wooden base The wooden base is also essential.

If your deck has a deck floor and a wooden board, then you can build the deck without a wooden foundation.

The wooden deck requires a base that is at least 12 feet (3.5 metres) high.

If the wooden base has a gap between the two, you need a wooden plank to make it a little less heavy.

You can use a small piece of plywood to make this plank, or you can use some kind of wood glue to make an old fashioned wooden base.

If this wooden base does not fit the wooden decks dimensions, then it will need a new wooden base with a more sturdy material like hardwood, which will be easier to work with.

The wood glue is the perfect way to bond this wooden foundation to the wooden floor.

You will also need to put the deck in the ground to make things more secure.

Make the wooden foundation thicker than the deck It is also important to make something sturdy in between the wooden platform and the wooden frame.

This can be an old sheet of ply that has been used for a long time.

I used a piece of wood that I had laying around.

This piece of sheet was then cut in half, and then glued on with glue.

This made the base that I wanted to build much more sturdy, and made it possible to glue the wooden framework to the floor.

Here is how the deck looks after glue is applied.

The foam floor is also a good idea since it helps in keeping the deck solid and not to warp or crack under extreme stress.

Use a thin layer of glue to attach the deck to the wood floor The wood is also necessary to hold the wooden board in place while the wooden plank is glued in place.

I did not use any glue, but I used some of the glue that was left from the plank that I was using to make my wooden deck to apply the glue to the deck and the board.

This helped to keep the wooden boards rigid, and also provided a secure foundation for the wooden planks.

If I had used more glue, I could have used a thicker glue, like polyurethane or epoxy, but that would have made it harder to apply.

Also make sure to use a good glue for the wood glue

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