A guest has been left with more than £50,000 after a hotel room he booked for Christmas has been handed over to his daughter.

The man was told by a hotel representative that his room had been sold to his 16-year-old daughter after his son got the wrong room number.

His daughter, who was at home at the time, then bought the room, leaving the man with an empty bill.

He was left with a bill of around £50 000, and the hotel has said it has refunded the money.

When the man went to the Royal Hotel of Melbourne to get the correct room number, he was told he was the only one in the house who had booked the room.

“We don’t have any problem with someone coming in with a false booking and we are sorry for the upset this has caused,” the Royal said in a statement.

But the man said the hotel was still “unhappy” about his mistake.

In an email, the hotel said: “The incident was reported to us by our guest who was told that the wrong number of rooms had been booked and that he had to pay an additional £50 for a room in the wrong hotel room.”

“In a matter of weeks, we have removed all incorrect room booking and refunded our client’s money to the extent of £50.

This was done with a view to notifying our client that the error was rectified in the next day or two and to assist him in his return to his original hotel.”

In a statement, the Royal Melbourne said: “Our guests and staff are our priority and we take these matters extremely seriously.

Any information about this incident should be shared with the Royal Hospitality Association or with the relevant law enforcement agencies.”

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