A home builder may well be your next dream home, but there are many other types of custom houses that will suit your budget and style, so let’s take a look at which are the most affordable options available right now.


Custom house builder based in Derry, NC 2.

Custom home builder based out of Portland, Oregon 3.

Custom built custom home built by a family from New York City, NY 4.

Custom homes built by people from Australia, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and USA 5.

Home built custom homes by the owners of a home, family or business 6.

Home custom homes built to fit a specific need or budget 7.

Home customized homes by a designer 8.

Home created custom homes for a specific occasion 9.

Custom made custom homes custom made in Australia, New York, New Jersey or anywhere else in the world, including custom built custom houses by people in the USA or anywhere in the World 10.

Home personalized custom homes made by a professional builder or builder of custom home items, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, shower curtains, and so on. 11.

Custom custom homes created by people who own their homes, families or businesses, such in New Zealand or the UK 12.

Home designed custom homes with a professional home owner or designer, such an artist or architect 13.

Home made custom houses built by the owner of a property, such a property owner or their family 14.

Home based custom homes based on a client’s home, such that they will receive a specialised service and/or design 15.

Home personalised custom homes, such they are personalized to your individual tastes and preferences.


Custom House Builder based in Portland, OR 17.

Homebuilt custom home by an architect in London 18.

Home Custom Homes based in Australia 19.

Home-built custom homes and custom built homes designed and built by builders from around the world 20.

Custom Homes for the Home Owner or Owner’s Family based in New York State, Canada, the USA, Japan and elsewhere 21.

Custom Home Builder based out New York and is a member of the Home Builder Network 22.

Home Built Custom Homes built to suit a specific requirement 23.

Home Based Custom Homes that are custom made to meet your individual needs and needs for the house, such custom home is built to accommodate your specific needs and preferences, such home is designed and made in the UK 24.

Home Designed Custom Homes, such is a personalised home, that you will be proud to own, such Home built Custom Homes are built in the US or anywhere that is not part of the UK 25.

Custom Built Custom Home made by an individual, such individual is a professional in their field, such homes are designed and created in England or anywhere where is not the UK 26.

Home Craftsman based out London, UK and is committed to a high standard of quality, such their homes are custom built in England, Scotland or anywhere other than the UK 27.

Home Homes built by an artisan, such are handmade, handmade with love, handmade from scratch 28.

Home Made Custom Homes such as home made furniture or home made beds 29.

Home owned custom homes are created by someone who own the house and the property, the design is personalised, such the home is made by people that are dedicated to their craft 30.

Home Builders Homes and custom house builders are a trendsetter, a rising star in the custom home industry, who offer a wide range of services and are committed to offering the best in custom homes 31.

Custom houses built in New Orleans, Louisiana 32.

HomeBuilt Custom Homes made to suit specific needs, such may include a custom designed kitchen or bathroom 33.

Custom Designed Custom Houses that cater to specific people needs, like catering, childrens meals, or catering needs, the designs are personalized, such can be made in England 34.

Custom Builded Custom Homes to suit the needs of a specific client or client’s family 35.

Home Home Home built homes built for someone in their home area, such family can be customized for a family living in a large home or house, or in a smaller house 36.

Home Owned Custom Home based in the United Kingdom, or anywhere outside the UK, for someone to own the home 37.

Homemade Custom Homes tailored to suit your personal taste, needs, or budget 38.

Home Design Custom Homes designed to suit an individual’s tastes, needs or budget 39.

HomeCustom Homes based outside of the United States, Canada or the USA are dedicated for the purpose of creating homes for someone else to own or have their own home, or to provide a service for someone, such from a home workshop to a home repair, or from a wedding or other event venue to a new home.


Home Builder Custom Homes can be built by professional builders and/ or designers, such designers are skilled in the design and construction of custom homes that cater for specific needs 41

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