In an effort to make its own mark, Ahmedabad has begun creating custom houses for sale.

The Ahmadabad House Preservation Association (AHPA) has been tasked with creating and selling the most desirable and unique homes in the city, to encourage a community of preservationists and curators.

“We have a lot of heritage houses and we’re trying to preserve them.

We are trying to be a little bit of a local preservationist,” said Amit Srinivas, AHPA’s director of development.

The AHPA has already created six homes for sale, including the Shah Rukh Khan house, which is now in the Ahmadbad Museum.

The Shah Rukhs are famous for their love of custom houses, and have built up a reputation for building beautiful houses that are timeless in their style and style of decoration.

The houses have been given names like “Durga’s house” and “Dhanar’s house”, and some have even received awards from the Guinness Book of Records.

“There’s an art to creating a custom house.

I think that’s what the AHPA is trying to do,” said Srinivans daughter, Asha.

Srinivas and his daughter are currently renovating the Shahs’ house and have created a video of the process.

“They did a really beautiful house that they created, so that I could have a moment of reflection and look back at it,” he said.

The AHPA hopes to eventually sell all the Shah’s custom homes to local people.

Sarinivas is also a member of the Ahmadadabad Council of Historic Preservation.

He has spent a lot time researching and writing about the city and the Ahmadbudan houses.

The council was created to safeguard and preserve Ahmadabad’s heritage houses.

The council, which includes members from the city administration, the police, the heritage committee and the architects, has a lot to lose if they sell their homes.

“Our houses have value and they will be appreciated by the city people, the locals, the visitors.

The history of the city is being preserved,” Srinibas said.

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