An 18-month-old house that was sold to a local man for $300,000.

The home is an “unusual house,” said a neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

The house is in the area of the town of Lecanto, California, near the border with Mexico.

That’s about 25 miles north of where the family lives.

It has been there for about 10 years, and it has held up remarkably well, the neighbor said.

There is only one major problem: the water and sewer line that supplies it have not been maintained, according to the neighbor.

It was bought in 2014 by an anonymous buyer for $250,000, but the homeowner did not disclose it had been sold, according the neighbor who asked not to be named for safety concerns.

The neighbor said the house was purchased by a woman named Lisa, who said she has lived in the house for a decade.

Lisa is a native of Mexico and lived there until the 1990s.

She is not a Mexican citizen, and has lived here for more than 10 years.

Lisa told NBC News the house is “like a million bucks.”

She bought it for $350,000 in February 2017, but it was sold in August 2018 for $340,000 after the seller moved, according with the neighbor, and then the house became unoccupied again in June 2018, the neighborhood association president said.

The neighborhood association chairwoman said the neighbor has lived there since 2010.

The neighbor, however, said she never knew Lisa lived there.

The neighbors association president confirmed that Lisa was the only person who lived there when she bought the house.

The neighbors association said the new buyer did not report the sale to the city.

In the fall of 2018, Lisa moved out, and the new owner sold it in March 2019.

The neighborhood association says Lisa is not eligible for assistance under California’s program for homeowners who receive help for their homes.

The property has a water main, but that’s about it, the neighbors association vice president, Daniella Breslin, told NBC Bay Area.

She said that’s why she believes the neighborhood group is not in the best position to assess whether or not it’s in good condition.

The association has no money to replace the water line, the owner said.

Lisa said the water main is old and broken, and she hopes to find a replacement water line for the house, but she says that’s unlikely.

Lisa said she wants to buy her house back.

She wants it to be a place where she can relax and do things with her kids, she said.

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