The best custom homes in the world, from the UK to the USA, all at a price that’s as affordable as it is stylish.

But where are they?

And how much do they cost?

And are there any other options?

Here’s a guide to the best custom houses in the UK, US and Canada.


The West End HouseThe West End is a great example of a very specialised house, made in a home workshop with modern finishes.

The house is owned by a couple and the owner is an architect who specialises in homes and building design.

The home is not only a great gift for the homeowner, it’s also a perfect home for guests to enjoy in the West End.

The owners work in their own workshop, but have a kitchen, living room and dining room.

The home has a full kitchen, a full bathroom, a large living room, a lounge, dining room, dining area and an infinity pool.

It is also one of the largest custom homes around, which is not surprising considering the price tag of £6,500 per sq ft. 2.

The House of Windsor The House Windsor is one of two private homes in Wales and was built by an architect from the Isle of Wight.

It’s the largest of the private houses in Wales, the other being the House of the Isles.

The House of Wengen was built in the 18th century by a local aristocrat who was very interested in architecture and was inspired by the works of the German Impressionists.

The interior of the house is a work of art, featuring the famous St Mary of Bethlehem, a cathedral in England, a chapel in the French countryside and a number of church bells and a choir.

The garden is also spectacular.

The entire house has a beautiful view of the River Mersey, but there is also a beautiful, wide walkway and a large number of gardens.

The original roof is a huge 60m high, and the windows are large enough for a person to walk through.

It can be quite spacious for two people, although it is very quiet in the house. It costs £2.3 million.


The Villa de la Croix The Villa des Croix in La Rochelle, France, is a magnificent, stately villa in the middle of the French Riviera.

It was built around 1879 and is home to several aristocrats, including Henri de Saint-Sœuvre and his wife Jean Marie.

The property was sold in 2014 for €20.5 million.

The Villa de La Croix is one the best-preserved medieval houses in France and was once home to King Louis XIV.

It now houses a museum and the largest private collection of French art in the country.


The Estate of the Duke of Buccleuch The Estate is a castle in the heart of the village of Buccles.

It sits on a small hill and is just 10 minutes from the city of Lille.

The estate is a private estate that has been managed by a private family for more than 100 years.

The Duke of the Buccles, who was born in 1782, died in 1795.

He was the nephew of Louis XIV and a friend of Louis’ sister, Catherine.

His estate has a total of around 6,000 square metres, with a view of Ligue 1 and the Pyrenees Mountains.

The family’s estate has been maintained by the estate agent since 1877.


The Royal Academy of Art The Royal academy of art in London, UK, is one a famous collection of artworks in the Royal Collection, including works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh and the Mona Lisa.

It also houses the Tate Modern in London.

The palace has two private rooms, and an underground parking lot that can accommodate up to 600 vehicles.


The Queen’s Own House The Queen Elizabeth II House in London is a stunning custom house in the Queen’s own house on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

It has a spectacular view of Windsor castle and the Thames River.

The terrace and gardens are open to the public.

It comes with a huge number of exclusive features such as an underground swimming pool, private gymnasium and a state-of-the-art theatre.

It cost £6.4 million.


The White House in the White House is one gorgeous, contemporary custom home built in London in 1844.

It features a huge garden with views of the Thames.

It includes a swimming pool and spa.

The mansion has a large terrace overlooking the Thames and it is accessible by walking along the Thames from London Bridge.

The main entryway is just over 2 metres wide.

It opens to the street at the top of the terrace.


The Houses of Parliament The Houses are two modern, state-class residences built in 1867 and 1874 in the British Parliament House in Westminster.

The two houses were designed by architects John and

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