Custom house currency has been trending for a while now, with buyers in Australia trying to make a profit off of their favourite property.

Custom barn houses have always been popular, with some even going as high as $250k, but recently a couple from Brisbane decided to put their own spin on the theme with a $250K custom house for $250 000.

The house is located on a farm in Sydney, with a custom kitchen, two bedrooms, two baths and a detached barn, as well as a house in-law unit.

The custom house has been designed by builder Chris Mazzucato and features a massive stone barn house with a barn entrance.

“It’s a lovely house,” said Mazzu, who works for Mazzuccato and Associates, “and I’m really happy with it.”

Mazzucatos son Chris M, who has also designed houses, said he was thrilled to have the opportunity to design something that he has been wanting to build for quite some time.

“It was an awesome project, it was a great project,” he said.

The two-bedroom, two bath house, which was built with the help of a team of architects, was finished in just three days.

Chris Mazzucci said he and his wife, Kate, had the idea to go for a different approach to the design of their house, something different.

“We have this really old barn house in our backyard, so it was nice to go with a completely new approach,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“I think the design is really great and the design team worked really hard on it.”

The two bedrooms are quite unique in terms of size and it’s actually got an open living room, so you get a lot of light in the kitchen and a lot more space in the living room.

“A lot of the bathrooms have actually been redesigned, the bathrooms are actually really modern, so I think the house has actually evolved into this really, really nice house.”

A special ‘home’ for KateMazzuccucci said the new house will be a unique home for her family, and a place they can come together for a long time to come.

“They’re not going to just hang out there all day,” he added.

“For us, it’s going to be something we can come home to.”

There’s going be this big backyard that we can live in, we can cook, we’re going to have a pool, and there’s also a nice pool in the backyard.

“The couple say they are really excited to be able to share this property with their daughter, Hannah, who is six months old.”

It’s really nice to be here, and it really is a great place to be for a couple of months, but we’re really looking forward to sharing this space with her and being able to have this big family.”

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