The new owner of a $1 million house in Queensland is not happy.

But he’s not alone.

As the country’s capital prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its historic first public housing building, a small group of locals is starting to build houses of their own in the middle of a housing shortage.

For years, builders have been building homes of their very own.

But with demand for affordable housing limited, many builders are looking to create new homes that are both affordable and make a home more livable for the community.

The new house owners are trying to make their home livable by offering an array of amenities, including a spa, pool and fitness centre.

But some residents of the house, which is located in the city of Cairns, are worried about its future.

“We need more houses,” said a resident of the $1.5 million house, who asked not to be named.

“It’s a small house, so we have to work very hard to get it up there, so it’s not a very big house.”

There are people here who are living in a one-bedroom house.

We’re really concerned about the future of this property.”‘

We’re really worried about the futures of this house’The building of a house of its own in Cairn is not the only project being undertaken by people who are trying out a range of options.

A number of houses of different styles have also been built in the area.

One of the houses built in Cangaluru is one of the only homes in the state that allows guests to live in a guest house, rather than on the main floor.”

I like to come here for a while and go to the beach, relax and go out to eat with the dogs and all that stuff,” said the resident, who was looking for a home for her five-year-old daughter.”

The kids love it.

I think it’s a nice place to live.

“She said the house was not just for her children, but the rest of the community as well.”

They have a house there and it’s very beautiful.

It’s beautiful, and I love it,” she said.

The house was designed by architect Peter Hickey, and is located near the Cairngorms beach.

While the owners have yet to find a suitable home, they do have a few options.”

You could live in the house.

I mean you can rent it.

But I think that would be a lot more affordable,” said one of them.”

If we can get one of these houses up here, then we could rent it and rent it out,” said another.

The project is being managed by a company called Build, and the owners hope to get a site in the next few weeks.

The owner of the new house said he had already received a number of offers for it, and wanted to keep the house and the other houses going.”

People are looking at it and they want to buy, but we want to keep this going and keep the houses going,” he said.”

This is the house that we’re building, and we want it to stay the way it is.

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