Ramsgate, Surrey, is a nice, reasonably priced house on the edge of the Thames.

It’s got a pool, gym, tennis court and gym memberships, and there’s a gym and a garden.

However, the property is listed for £850,000. 

There’s a big difference between a property that’s been listed for $1m and a property with a price tag of £850k. 

The fact that this is a home in Surrey means that you’ll have to pay a higher premium to get a house like this.

The only other properties on this list are a house on Camberwell in south-west London and a house that sits on the same estate in London’s South Kensington.

The difference is, you pay more for the property because of the difference in value.

This is because there are no additional amenity charges for this house.

This means that, when you buy the house, you’re not paying for extra amenities.

There’s no water heaters or water fountains, there’s no garden. 

What you do pay for is a £20,000 deposit and a 15-year mortgage.

You also pay a deposit and mortgage upfront, and this includes the first year of the mortgage. 

This is why a property like this is the ideal option for a young buyer, as it allows you to get into the market faster and secure a good mortgage for a home that’s in very good condition.

The problem is, it’s a lot more expensive than other properties in Rampsgate.

The house has been listed with a current value of £895,000, which is well below its market value. 

You’d be surprised to know that the average value of homes in Rampersgate is about £2m.

But this is because most of the properties in the area are listed for over £1m.

If you can find a good house for under £1 million, it will be worth much more, but that’s because most houses that are listed are owned by someone who’s already got money. 

Rampersgate’s median value is £3.4m, so you’ll pay a lot less for a property this old than a house with a median price of £3m. 

But there’s one property on the list that is worth £875,000 and it’s on the right estate.

It sits on a lot of land and is currently listed for almost £1.4 million. 

If you’re looking for a family home, you should consider this one.

It has a lot to offer, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym members, and a tennis court, and it has been on the market for more than 15 years. 

It’s worth £1,200,000 (about £1 to £1.,200).

If you’re interested in buying this property, you’ll need to get the mortgage off, which means that your deposit is going to be much higher. 

However, it has a 20-year fixed mortgage and a mortgage-free period of five years.

So if you’re really keen to buy this house, then you might want to consider it. 

To find out more about homebuying, watch our full guide on how to buy a home. 

Find out more on our full list of the best new homes. 

Read more about buying a house here.

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