Custom House Slo is a brand new house builder site, based in Australia, where customers can build a house for $20,000 and choose from a range of customisable options, such as a custom kitchen, a custom bedroom or a custom bath.

The site also lets customers take on an architectural challenge and take on their own design.

Custom House Coaters are a new company based in London, which offers custom coats, which can be tailored and custom made by customers.

They are based on the same concept as Custom House, with a few tweaks.

One of the biggest changes is that there is now a “customer service” section where customers pay $5 to $10 per coat.

It’s a good option if you need something that’s a little more stylish or are looking for something unique.

Customers can also create their own custom wallpaper and custom colour schemes.

The site also offers a range, including a coat made from the floor, a house made from recycled wood, and a home made from reclaimed wood.

“We want to provide the opportunity for people to build something that is both stylish and unique.

We also want to bring together people who like to make things, and who have a creative sense of humour,” says owner Paul Hickey.

“It is a great opportunity for the average house builder to create something that they want to make their own and they can be confident they will get a really good price for it.”

Custom House has a range that’s designed specifically for home builders, but they also offer a range for everyone.

There’s a home built from recycled materials that’s available in an open house, a home that’s built with reclaimed wood, or a house that’s customised with furniture and other finishing materials.

Custom House says they have about 20 members and about 300 registered customers.

You can read more about the site and sign up to build at This story was updated to clarify that custom house coaters are now based in the UK and not Australia.

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