How to get the best deal in India’s best restaurants

By now, you may have heard of the growing trend of India's fast food chains opening their doors in Indian cities.Now, with some of the country's best eateries already opening up in major cities, restaurants are being encouraged to offer up to 24-hour availability.The idea behind the concept is to provide more options for customers to choose from, as well

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Custom house orgin? What is the Ahmadabad custom home?

In an effort to make its own mark, Ahmedabad has begun creating custom houses for sale.The Ahmadabad House Preservation Association (AHPA) has been tasked with creating and selling the most desirable and unique homes in the city, to encourage a community of preservationists and curators."We have a lot of heritage houses and we're trying to preserve them.We are trying to

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How to make custom houses in your backyard

Custom house designs are often designed to accommodate the needs of the homeowner, but they also come with a lot of challenges.Custom houses tend to have a wide range of sizes and configurations, and many owners have difficulty finding the right dimensions for their space.To make sure your home is perfect for you, check out our article on how to

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