When the new $250,000 house hits the market

Custom house currency has been trending for a while now, with buyers in Australia trying to make a profit off of their favourite property.Custom barn houses have always been popular, with some even going as high as $250k, but recently a couple from Brisbane decided to put their own spin on the theme with a $250K custom house for $250

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How to Make a Custom House Shoes and Custom Barn House

Custom house shoes are a great way to dress up your home and are a staple of modern day home decor.These shoes are so comfortable, you won't believe you are wearing them!They are made from a specially woven leather with an intricate design on the inside, so it can easily be altered to suit your tastes and personal style.Custom house

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How to create your own custom Christmas house

What if you want to decorate your own Christmas house?You're in luck!Here are just some of the ideas we have been seeing around the Internet recently.We've already seen people create their own custom barn houses, which they can then hang outside their house to display their Christmas decorations.But this is the first time we've seen people actually create a custom

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