Custom house orgin? What is the Ahmadabad custom home?

In an effort to make its own mark, Ahmedabad has begun creating custom houses for sale.The Ahmadabad House Preservation Association (AHPA) has been tasked with creating and selling the most desirable and unique homes in the city, to encourage a community of preservationists and curators."We have a lot of heritage houses and we're trying to preserve them.We are trying to

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Why we love the Duck House, a home for every season

The story behind the duck house in India's capital, Delhi, which was created by local designers and features a simple duck house with a custom deck that includes a custom house cardigans and a custom duck house definition cardigan.READ MOREThe home, which has been available for sale on ebay since January, is part of the project by the Design House

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Custom house cardigans made with ceramic house

NEW YORK (AP) An American custom-made ceramic house made of ceramic will be on display at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.A replica of the house that housed Eleanor Roosevelt will be shown on Thursday.The Smithsonian's collection includes more than 4,500 artifacts, including art, jewelry, ceramics, and artifacts from around the world.The collection was created by

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