Construction is set to start on a new hotel in Shanghai, with local residents planning to take their meals in a new customs house

Construction on a hotel in the city of Shandong has started on the first phase of the project, with locals planning to stay in the hotel for up to three months.The building of the hotel is being built by the Shanghai General Hotel Corporation (SGLC) on a land at the intersection of Shilin and Shaanxi, a project that was announced

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The best Chinese house deals in Shanghai

Shanghai has had its fair share of luxury apartments, and some of them have been extremely well-reviewed.Some of these are pretty incredible.This list is by no means complete.The best of them are the ones that have gotten rave reviews, but the ones you'll see on this list are still available.1.Luxury Apartments at Fosun Tower2.Luxurious Apartment at Foshan Tower3.Luxuriously Priced Apartments4.Luxed-Up

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