How To Make A Custom Tree House

It's time to add a new addition to your backyard.It's a treehouse!Here's how.Tree houses are a natural part of many backyard living situations.But, there's a lot more to them than meets the eye.We rounded up some tips to get started.Read more about tree houses.

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How to get an expensive custom house or villa built

New Zealand's new Customs House, an extravagant villa with its own private runway, is coming to the Gold Coast, with the first custom home to go up in Auckland.Customs House Museum says the house is being built on the waterfront of Auckland's new port, which is expected to open in 2018.Custom house specialists at the centre, called Customs House Museum,

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Which country is more corrupt?

A new study from The American Conservatives finds that a majority of Americans say that corruption is the most corrupt country in the world.The report found that the average score for corruption is 1.4.That is significantly higher than the average for all countries surveyed.The survey asked Americans to rate the corruption of each country on four factors: corruption of officials,

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